Optical Experiments Conducted in Our Lab

• Single-photon emission measurement via second-order correlation from visible to near-infrared (up to 1.1 µm)
• Femtosecond pump-probe transient absorption measurement from visible to near-infrared (up to 2 µm)
• Photocurrent mapping from visible to far-infrared (up to 16 µm)
• All the measurements can be performed at temperatures ranging from 4 K to  >300 K

Equipment List

• (Light Conversion) Carbide femtosecond 1030 nm laser with < 290 fs pulse width and  >5 W average power (LINK)
• (Light Conversion) Orpheus optical parametric amplifier with wavelengths from 190 nm to 16 µm 
• (Innolume) Nanosecond 532 nm and 1064 nm lasers with  >100 mW average power 
• (Connect) Nanosecond 1550 nm lasers with  >1 W average power 
• (Lumics) CW 1470 nm and 1940 nm lasers with  >5 W average power 

• (Princeton Instrument) NIRvana 640 InGaAs focal plane array (FPA) camera with a dedicated monochromator 
• (Andor) iDus 1D array detectors (3 types: 420, 1.7µm, 2.2µm) with dedicated monochromators 

• (Bruker) Invenio FTIR spectrometer with extended InGaAs, InSb, MCT, DTGS detectors 
• (Ultrafast Systems) Helios femtosecond transient absorption spectrometer with InGaAs and extended InGaAs detectors 

• (Montana Instrument) s50 closed cycle helium optical cryostat with attocube nanopositioners (LINK)
• (Janis) ST-500 microscopy cryostat (LINK)

Fabrication Facilities Available to Our Lab Members

• Nanyang NanoFabrication Centre (N2FC) (LINK)
• Facility for Analysis Characterisation Testing & Simulation (FACTS) (LINK)