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Pseudo-magnetic field-induced slow carrier dynamics in periodically strained graphene, Nature Communications (2021) [PDF]

The creation of pseudo-magnetic fields in strained graphene has emerged as a promising route to allow observing intriguing physical phenomena that would be unattainable with laboratory superconducting magnets. In this work, using time-resolved infrared pump-probe spectroscopy, we provide unambiguous evidence for slow carrier dynamics enabled by giant pseudo-magnetic fields in periodically strained graphene. 

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Low-threshold optically pumped lasing in highly strained Ge nanowires, Nature Communications ‌(2017) [PDF]

The integration of efficient, miniaturized group IV lasers into CMOS architecture holds the key to the realization of fully functional photonic-integrated circuits. In this work, we demonstrate a low-threshold, compact group IV laser that employs a germanium nanowire under a 1.6% uniaxial tensile strain as the gain medium. 
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Note 1: Asterisk (*) denotes corresponding author.
Note 2: Dagger (†) denotes equal contributions.


50. H. Joo†, J. Liu†, M. Chen†, D. Burt, B. Chomet, Y. Kim, X. Shi, K. Lu, L. Zhang, Z. Ikonic, Y. Sohn, C. Tan, C. Sirtori*, Y. Todorov*, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Actively tunable lasing in GeSn nanomechanical oscillators," Nature Nanotechnology, Under Peer Review

49. K. Lu†, M. Luo†, W. Gao, Q. Wang,  H. Sun*, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Strong and polarized second-harmonic generation in graphene enabled by resonant optical transitions between pseudo-Landau levels,” Nature CommunicationsIn Revision 

48. Y. Kim†, S. Assali†, H. Joo, S. Koelling, M. Chen, L. Luo, X. Shi, D. Burt, Z. Ikonic, D. Nam*, and O. Moutanabbir*, ‌‌“Strong extended SWIR cavity resonances in a single GeSn nanowire,” Nature CommunicationsIn Revision 

47. Y. Kim†, H. Joo†, M. Chen, B. Son, D. Burt, X. Shi, L. Zhang, Z. Ikonic, C. Tan, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Dynamic wavelength tuning of GeSn nanobeam lasers via optically controlled strain engineering,” Advanced Science, Accepted

46. F. Wang, F. Hu, M. Dai, S. Zhu, F. Sun, R. Duan, C. Wang, J. Han, W. Deng, W. Chen, M. Ye, S. Han, B. Qiang, Y. Jin, Y. Chua, N. Chi, S. Yu, D. Nam, S. H. Chae, Z. Liu, and Q. Wang*, ‌‌“A two-dimensional mid-infrared optoelectronic retina enabling simultaneous perception and encoding,” Nature CommunicationsAccepted 

45. D. Burt†, L. Zhang†, Y. Jung, H. Joo, Y. Kim, M. Chen, B. Son, W. Fan, Z. Ikonic, C. Tan, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Tensile strained direct bandgap GeSn microbridges enabled in GeSnOI substrates with residual tensile strain,” Optics Letters 48, 735-738 (2023) [PDF]


44. B. Son, Y. Wang, M. Luo, K. Lu, Y. Kim, H. Joo, Y. Yi, C. Wang, Q. Wang, S. Chae*, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Efficient avalanche photodiodes with a WSe2/MoS2 heterostructure via two-photon absorption,” Nano Letters 22, 9516-9522 (2022) [PDF]

43. K. Lu, Y. Wang, M. Luo, B. Son, Y. Yu, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Ultrafast light emission at telecom wavelengths from a wafer-scale monolayer graphene enabled by Fabry-Perot interferences,” Optics Letters 47, 4668-4671 (2022) [PDF]

42. Y. Wang†, D. Burt†, K. Lu, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Second-harmonic generation in germanium-on-insulator from visible to telecom wavelengths,” Applied Physics Letters 120, 242105 (2022) [PDF]

41. D. Burt†, H. Joo†, Y. Kim†, Y. Jung, M. Chen, M. Luo, S. Parluhutan, D. Kang, S. Assali, L. Zhang, B. Son, C. Tan, O. Moutanabbir, Z. Ikonic, Y. Huang, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Direct bandgap GeSn nanowires enabled with ultrahigh tension from harnessing intrinsic compressive strain,” Applied Physics Letters 120, 202103 (2022) [PDF]
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40. Y. Jung†, D. Burt†, L. Zhang, Y. Kim, H. Joo, M. Chen, S. Assali, O. Moutanabbir, C. Tan, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Optically pumped low-threshold microdisk lasers in GeSn-on-insulator with reduced defect density,” Photonics Research 10, 06001332 (2022) [PDF]

39. M. Luo†, H. Sun†, Z. Qi, K. Lu, M. Chen, D. Kang, Y. Kim, D. Burt, X. Yu, C. Wang, Y. Kim, H. Wang, Q. Wang, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Triaxially strained suspended graphene for large-area uniform pseudo-magnetic fields," Optics Letters 47, 2174-2177 (2022) [PDF] 

38. Y. Kim†, S. Assali†, D. Burt, Y. Jung, H. Joo, M. Chen, D. Kang, Z. Ikonic, O. Moutanabbir* and D. Nam*, “Enhanced GeSn microdisk lasers directly released on Si," Advanced Optical Materials 9, 2101213 (2022) [PDF]


37. H. Joo†, Y. Kim†, D. Burt, Y. Jung, L. Zhang, M. Chen, S. Parluhutan, D. Kang, C. Lee, S. Assali, O. Moutanabbir, Y. Cho, C. Tan, and D. Nam*, “1D photonic crystal direct bandgap GeSn-on-insulator laser,” Applied Physics Letters 119, 201101 (2021) [PDF]

36. X. Gao†, H. Sun†, Q. Wang, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Heterostrain‐enabled dynamically tunable moiré superlattice in twisted bilayer graphene,” Scientific Reports 11, 21402 (2021) [PDF] 

35. B. Son, L. Zhang, Y. Jung, H. Zhou, D. Nam, C. Tan, “Systematic study on photoexcited carrier dynamics related to defects in GeSn films with low Sn content at room temperature,” Semiconductor Science and Technology 36, 125018 (2021) [PDF]  

34. D. Burt†, H. Joo†, Y. Jung, Y. Kim, M. Chen, Y. Huang, and D. Nam*, “Strain-relaxed GeSn-on-insulator (GeSnOI) microdisks,” Optics Express 28, 28959-28967 (2021) [PDF] 

33. D. Kang†, H. Sun†, M. Luo†, K. Lu, M. Chen, Y. Kim, Y. Jung, X. Gao, S. Parluhutan, J. Ge, S. Koh, D. Giovanni, T. Sum, Q. Wang, H. Li, and D. Nam*, “Pseudo-magnetic field-induced slow carrier dynamics in periodically strained graphene,” Nature Communications 12, 5087 (2021) [PDF] 
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32. C. Qimiao, W. Shaoteng, Z. Lin, Z. Hao, D. Burt, D. Nam, W. Fan, and C. Tan, “GeSn-on-insulator dual-waveband resonant-cavity-enhanced photodetectors at the 2 μm and 1.55 μm optical communication bands,” Optics Letters 46, 3809-3812 (2021) [PDF] 

31. J. Ge†, B. Ding†, S. Hou†, M. Luo, D. Nam, H. Duan*, H. Gao*, Y. Lam*, and H. Li*, “Rapid fabrication of complex nanostructures using room-temperature ultrasonic nanoimprinting,” Nature Communications 12, 3146 (2021) [PDF] 

30. O. Moutanabbir*, S. Assali, X. Gong, E. O'Reilly, C. Broderick, B. Marzban, J. Witzens, W. Du, S. Yu, A. Chelnokov, D. Buca, and D. Nam, “Monolithic infrared silicon photonics: The rise of (Si)GeSn semiconductors,” Applied Physics Letters 29, 118, 110502 (2021) [PDF]  

29. Y. Jung†, Y. Kim†, D. Burt, H. Joo, D. Kang, M. Luo, M. Chen, L. Zhang, C. Tan, and D. Nam*, “Biaxially strained germanium crossbeam with high-quality optical cavity for on-chip laser applications,” Optics Express 29, 14174-14181 (2021) [PDF] 

28. H. Sun*, P. Sengupta*, D. Nam*, and B. Yang*“Negative thermal Hall conductance in two-dimer Shastry-Sutherland model with π-flux Dirac triplon,” Physical Review B 103, L140404 (2021) [PDF] 

27. H. Sun, Z. Qi, Y. Kim, M. Luo, B. Yang, and D. Nam*, “Frequency-tunable terahertz graphene laser enabled by pseudomagnetic fields in strain-engineered graphene,” Optics Express 29, 1892-1902 (2021) [PDF] 
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26. A. Dubrovkin*, B. Qiang, T. Salim, D. Nam, N. Zheludev*, and Q.Wang*, “Resonant nanostructures for highly confined and ultra-sensitive surface phonon polaritons,” Nature Communications 11, 1863 (2020) [PDF]  

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24. H. Joo, M. Shin, H. Jung, H. Cha, D. Nam, and H. Kwon*, “Oxide thin-film transistor-based vertically stacked complementary inverter for logic and photo-sensor operations,” Materials 12, 3815 (2019) [PDF] 

23. Z. Song, W. Fan*, C. Tan, Q. Wang, D. Nam, Z. Hua, and G. Sun, “Band structure of Ge1-xSnx alloy: a full-zone 30-band k·p model,” New Journal of Physics 21, 073037 (2019) [PDF] 


22. Z. Qi, H. Sun, M. Luo, Y. Jung, and D. Nam*, "Strained germanium nanowire optoelectronic devices for photonic-integrated circuits," Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30(33), 334004 (2018) [PDF] 

21. S. Gupta*, D. Nam, J. Vuckovic and K. Saraswat, "Room temperature lasing unraveled by a strong resonance between gain and parasitic absorption in uniaxially strained germanium," Physical Review B 97(15), 155127 (2018) [PDF] 


20. S. Bao†, D. Kim†, C. Onwukaeme†, S. Gupta†, K. Saraswat, K. Lee, Y. Kim, D. Min, Y. Jung, H. Qiu, H. Wang, E. A. Fitzgerald, C. Tan* and D. Nam*, "Low-threshold optically pumped lasing in highly strained Ge nanowires," Nature Communications 8(1), 1845 (2017) [PDF] 
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~2016 (Before Joining NTU)

19. D. Sukhdeo†, Y. Kim†, K. Saraswat, B. Dutt and D. Nam*, “Theoretical modeling for the interaction of tin alloying with n-type doping and tensile strain for GeSn lasers,” IEEE Electron Device Letters 37(10), 1307-1310 (2016) [PDF] 

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15. D. Sukhdeo, S. Gupta, K. Saraswat, B. Dutt and D. Nam*, “Impact of minority carrier lifetime on the performance of strained Ge light sources,” Optical Communication 364, 233-237 (2016) [PDF] 

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Awarded a Highly Cited Paper Certificate in 2019

6. B. Dutt, H. Lin, D. Sukhdeo, B. Vulovic, S. Gupta, D. Nam, K. Saraswat, and J. Harris, “theoretical analysis of GeSn alloys as a gain medium for a Si-compatible laser,” IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 19(5), 1502706 (2013) [PDF] 

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6. Non-Drafted Singapore Patent Application: “Biaxially strained crossbeam germanium laser structure,” D. Nam, D. Burt, Y. Jung, Y. Kim, H. Joo, Submitted on 16 Dec 2020

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1. US Patent No.0,372,455: “Crossed nanobeam structure for a low-threshold germanium laser,” D. Nam, J. Petykiewicz, D. Sukhdeo, S. Gupta, J. Vuckovic, K. Saraswat, Issued Sept. 9, 2015 [LINK]