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Pseudo-magnetic field-induced slow carrier dynamics in periodically strained graphene, Nature Communications (2021) [PDF]

The creation of pseudo-magnetic fields in strained graphene has emerged as a promising route to allow observing intriguing physical phenomena that would be unattainable with laboratory superconducting magnets. In this work, using time-resolved infrared pump-probe spectroscopy, we provide unambiguous evidence for slow carrier dynamics enabled by giant pseudo-magnetic fields in periodically strained graphene. 

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Low-threshold optically pumped lasing in highly strained Ge nanowires, Nature Communications ‌(2017) [PDF]

The integration of efficient, miniaturized group IV lasers into CMOS architecture holds the key to the realization of fully functional photonic-integrated circuits. In this work, we demonstrate a low-threshold, compact group IV laser that employs a germanium nanowire under a 1.6% uniaxial tensile strain as the gain medium. 
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Note 1: Asterisk (*) denotes corresponding author.
Note 2: Dagger (†) denotes equal contributions.


54. J. Tan, ..., D. Nam*, ‌‌“Ion-implantation-enabled tensile strain engineering in Ge-on-insulator (GOI) devices,” In Preparation

53. J. Tan†, D. Burt†, ..., D. Nam*, ‌‌“GeSn-on-lithium niobate-on-insulator (GeSn-LNOI) for realizing integrated nonlinear optical devices,” In Preparation

52. H. Joo†, M. Chen†, ..., D. Nam*, ‌‌“Highly sensitive mid-infrared photodetection in GeSn suspended 1D photonic crystal lasers with ultra-high temperature sensitivity,” In Preparation

51. H. Joo†, M. Chen†, ..., D. Nam*, ‌‌“Localized heating-enabled highly tunable single-mode lasing in suspended GeSn 1D photonic crystal lasers,” In Preparation

50. Y. Yi†, Y. Wang†, ...,  and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Strongly localized and tunable strain in 2D materials towards developing indistinguishable single-photon sources, In Preparation

49. H. Joo†, J. Liu†, ..., C. Sirtori*, Y. Todorov*, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Electrically tunable single-mode lasing in high-Q optomechanical GeSn resonators, In Preparation

48. H. Joo†, Y. Kim†, ...,  and D. Nam*, ‌‌“1D photonic crystal GeSn nanobeam lasers under a uniform tensile strain enabled by all-around atomic-layer deposition, In Preparation

47. B. Son†, Y. Wang†, ..., and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Two-photon absorption-based two-dimensional (2D) lateral heterostructure avalanche photodetectors, In Preparation

46. M. Atalla†, Y. Kim†, ..., D. Nam*, and O. Moutanabbir*, ‌‌“Strong electroluminescence from GeSn vertical p-i-n heterostructures,” In Preparation

45. Y. Kim†, H. Joo†, ...,  and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Dynamically tunable GeSn lasers via localized laser annealing, In Preparation

44. K. Lu†, M. Luo†, ...,  H. Sun*, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Strong and polarized second-harmonic generation in graphene enabled by resonant optical transitions between pseudo-Landau levels, In Preparation

43. Y. Kim†, S. Assali†, ..., D. Nam*, and O. Moutanabbir*, ‌‌“Observation of strong cavity resonances in a single GeSn nanowire grown by bottom-up synthesis, In Preparation

42. K. Lu, Y. Wang, M. Luo, B. Son, Y. Yu, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Ultrafast photoluminescence at telecom wavelengths from wafer-scale monolayer graphene enabled by Fabry-Perot interferences,” Optics Letters, Under Review

41. D. Burt†, L. Zhang†, Y. Jung, H. Joo, Y. Kim, M. Chen, B. Son, W. Fan, Z. Ikonic, C. Tan, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Tensile strained direct bandgap GeSn microbridges enabled in GeSnOI substrates with residual tensile strain,” Applied Physics Letters, Under Review

40. Y. Wang†, D. Burt†, K. Lu, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Second-harmonic generation in germanium-on-insulator from visible to telecom wavelengths,” Applied Physics Letters 120, 242105 (2022) [PDF]

39. D. Burt†, H. Joo†, Y. Kim†, Y. Jung, M. Chen, M. Luo, S. Parluhutan, D. Kang, S. Assali, L. Zhang, B. Son, C. Tan, O. Moutanabbir, Z. Ikonic, Y. Huang, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Direct bandgap GeSn nanowires enabled with ultrahigh tension from harnessing intrinsic compressive strain,” Applied Physics Letters 120, 202103 (2022) [PDF]
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38. Y. Jung†, D. Burt†, Y. Kim, H. Joo, M. Chen, L. Zhang, C. Tan, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Optically pumped low-threshold microdisk lasers in GeSn-on-insulator with reduced defect density,” Photonics Research 10, 06001332 (2022) [PDF]

37. M. Luo†, H. Sun†, Z. Qi, K. Lu, M. Chen, D. Kang, Y. Kim, D. Burt, X. Yu, C. Wang, Y. Kim, H. Wang, Q. Wang, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Triaxially strained suspended graphene for large-area uniform pseudo-magnetic fields," Optics Letters 47, 2174-2177 (2022) [PDF] 


36. Y. Kim†, S. Assali†, D. Burt, Y. Jung, H. Joo, M. Chen, D. Kang, Z. Ikonic, O. Moutanabbir* and D. Nam*, “Enhanced GeSn microdisk lasers directly released on Si," Advanced Optical Materials 9, 2101213 (2022) [PDF]

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34. X. Gao†, H. Sun†, Q. Wang, and D. Nam*, ‌‌“Heterostrain‐enabled dynamically tunable moiré superlattice in twisted bilayer graphene,” Scientific Reports 11, 21402 (2021) [PDF] 

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30. C. Qimiao, W. Shaoteng, Z. Lin, Z. Hao, D. Burt, D. Nam, W. Fan, and C. Tan, “GeSn-on-insulator dual-waveband resonant-cavity-enhanced photodetectors at the 2 μm and 1.55 μm optical communication bands,” Optics Letters 46, 3809-3812 (2021) [PDF] 

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26. H. Sun*, P. Sengupta*, D. Nam*, and B. Yang*“Negative thermal Hall conductance in two-dimer Shastry-Sutherland model with π-flux Dirac triplon,” Physical Review B 103, L140404 (2021) [PDF] 

25. H. Sun, Z. Qi, Y. Kim, M. Luo, B. Yang, and D. Nam*, “Frequency-tunable terahertz graphene laser enabled by pseudomagnetic fields in strain-engineered graphene,” Optics Express 29, 1892-1902 (2021) [PDF] 
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24. A. Dubrovkin*, B. Qiang, T. Salim, D. Nam, N. Zheludev*, and Q.Wang*, “Resonant nanostructures for highly confined and ultra-sensitive surface phonon polaritons,” Nature Communications 11, 1863 (2020) [PDF] 


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22. Z. Qi, H. Sun, M. Luo, Y. Jung, and D. Nam*, "Strained germanium nanowire optoelectronic devices for photonic-integrated circuits," Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30(33), 334004 (2018) [PDF] 

21. S. Gupta*, D. Nam, J. Vuckovic and K. Saraswat, "Room temperature lasing unraveled by a strong resonance between gain and parasitic absorption in uniaxially strained germanium," Physical Review B 97(15), 155127 (2018) [PDF] 


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~2016 (Before Joining NTU)

19. D. Sukhdeo†, Y. Kim†, K. Saraswat, B. Dutt and D. Nam*, “Theoretical modeling for the interaction of tin alloying with n-type doping and tensile strain for GeSn lasers,” IEEE Electron Device Letters 37(10), 1307-1310 (2016) [PDF] 

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15. D. Sukhdeo, S. Gupta, K. Saraswat, B. Dutt and D. Nam*, “Impact of minority carrier lifetime on the performance of strained Ge light sources,” Optical Communication 364, 233-237 (2016) [PDF] 

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7. D. Sukhdeo, D. Nam*, J. Kang, M. Brongersma and K. Saraswat, “[Invited] Direct bandgap germanium-on-silicon inferred from 5.7% uniaxial tensile strain,” Photonics Research 2(3), A8-A13 (2014) [PDF] 
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Awarded a Highly Cited Paper Certificate in 2019

6. B. Dutt, H. Lin, D. Sukhdeo, B. Vulovic, S. Gupta, D. Nam, K. Saraswat, and J. Harris, “theoretical analysis of GeSn alloys as a gain medium for a Si-compatible laser,” IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 19(5), 1502706 (2013) [PDF] 

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1. US Patent No.0,372,455: “Crossed nanobeam structure for a low-threshold germanium laser,” D. Nam, J. Petykiewicz, D. Sukhdeo, S. Gupta, J. Vuckovic, K. Saraswat, Issued Sept. 9, 2015 [LINK]